New beds at the Yorkshire Hotel

12 August 2015

Yorkshire Hotel_newbed

The Science of Sleeping

We know that for many of our guests there’s nothing more important than a good night’s sleep and that’s why we decided to invest in some brand news beds! And we’re not just talking about the mattresses here either, we’re going the whole nine yards – new bed frames, new bedding, new bed linens.

However, there’s more to this new era of comfort than meets the eye because, to us, coziness is a science. Our new beds weren’t just picked out of a catalogue on a whim. No, these beds have been chosen as a result of intensive and thorough bed testing.

Under lab-like conditions, some of our hardest-working, most dedicated and sleepy team members spent a grueling afternoon napping tirelessly evaluating the merits of eight different mattresses. The tests were extensive and exhausting but our team persevered, we’ve highlighted a couple of the key variables below…

Bounce Test

This classic test is as effective today as it has ever been and it needs no explanation.

Theft Test

Two test subjects lie on the bed and then examine how easy it is to steal the lion’s share of mattress real estate, leaving their partner clinging to a tiny slither at the edge of the mattress. Also known as the Starfish Test.

Story Time Test

This test is simple. One test subject lies in bed while another reads to them (in their best Morgan-Freeman-voiceover-esque voice) and the time taken to fall asleep is recorded.

After careful analysis of our results, the best bed was chosen and the order was placed.

107 beds have arrived at our door over the last week – that’s enough spring loaded softness to cover the length of Harrogate RUFC’s pitch. Or, if stacked on top of one another, scale the height of the historic Ripley Castle tower!