Moo recruits at Crieff Hydro

07 August 2017

Breaking Moos…

Crieff Hydro have announced that they’ll be having four special guests joining them for summer in the form of two mummy and two mini Highland Cows.Highland cows

You’ll find the hairy guests mooving and shaking in their very own paddock by Action Glen, and since their arrival they’ve been drawing in quite a crowd. The grassy paddock is a real treat for the coos, as having spent most of their lives grazing on moorland hills, they’re used to much poorer land. The regular sight of horses, crowds of humans and the odd Segway scooting past have certainly been an eye opener for the girls, but their caretaker Tom is sure it won’t be long till they’re feeling quite at home.

While they settle in, Primmy Sr and Primmy Jr (the yellow coos), and Malda Sr, and Malda Jr (the black coos) are keeping a pretty low profile hiding out in the long grass. We know what you’re tGrazing cowshinking. Imagine the confusion if they could recognise their names? Well, they can. Just give Primmy or Malda a wee shout and you’ll see the mini and mummy coos pop their heads up together.

They’re the latest addition to the flock of animals at Crieff Hydro, with everything from giant rabbits, ducks and over 50 horses already calling the hydro home.

Be sure to pop up and say hello to the guests, you certainly can’t miss their massive horns.